Monday, 25 April 2011

New rocket new challenges

Earlier this week saw construction of a new rocket H1 this is a booster of a multi stage rocket it has a spliced pair of 2 litre bottles total capacity 6.4L a larger fin set, a Katz mk3 stager (many thanks air command) 9mm nozzzle , and a60cm main parachute. The sustainer is my daughters rocket K1 this will be used until the new sustainer is built intial tests were promising with no leaks but only one problem we had was the sustainer did not lock into the stager and at 80 psi it jump the gun so next launch we will use a locking tab. I have sanded 1mm off of the gardena connector to make sure the nozzle locks in properly i will update on the next launch day.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

V3 MKII AND K1 Test flight

Finally got round to editing a short video of yesterdays launches we launched V3 MKII 1st after a rebuild from last years explosion we had no such this time as we had two crash landings post video analysis suggested that there was not enough weight in the nose which caused it to arc over  and possibly the fins acted as a wing also the launch speed didnt look great maybe larger nozzle or a spliced pair might help ideas for future mods. K1 got its maiden flights 4 launches 4 successes it showed promising signs that our splices can handle 120psi we played with nozzles to and found 9mm worked very well heres a short video of the days highlights enjoy

Glad to be back!!!!!

After a long break from all things rockets due to work and family commitments yesterday saw the BWR team out launching some rockets the whole purpose of the day was to test the V3 mk2 rocket which last year exploded on the launcher on its maiden flight, and also we flew my daughters newest rocket K1 which is a 3.2L spliced rocket all photos and a short video will be posted up soon.