Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cross splice

While i had all the tools out from making Delta 2's splices i experimented with 2 different shape and size bottles and spliced them to create a cross splice i have not measured the capacity yet but im hoping it will be larger then 1.8L this will eventually go on the N1 rocket for tests .

Delta 2 quad splices

Work has started on the next Delta rocket in the series this rocket is made from 2L bottles and i have decided on making a quad splice and a normal splice more splices will be made over the next few weeks.

Delta 1 update

After a 2 week break from all things rockets and a busy house move this weekend saw some progress on the latest BWR boostered rocket Delta 1 theres still a few small bits to finish but we are hoping for an august launch date.
Things that have changed:
The couplers have gone back to robinson couplers due to unreliable BWR couplers
Bits to finish:
Side deployment door
booster winglets
tomi timer
launcher guide rail
final pressure test for launcher and rocket

Monday, 4 July 2011

New rocket new launcher

As family and work time has been manic recently i have not been doing much on my rockets, as i have started building a new rocket with boosters i have had to build a new launcher its still work in progress so it has had no pressure tests yet hopefully by the end of July we should have the new rocket in the sky.