Tuesday, 30 November 2010

V3 Ready for service!!!!

The last two evenings have seen the V3 get its colours i decided on the B+W scheme as the camo would be a little difficult to create i will try it on future projects the v3 is ready for its first launch which will be planned for when the snow dissapears from the UK!!!!!!.
Final stats
Fill vol: 2L
Dry weight:697 grams
Nozzle: 9mm
Recovery system: Tomi Timer  single large parachute.
Altimeter: NA
Camera: NA

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Fin mock up for V3

This weekend saw more work for the V3 with the making of the fins these are made from corriflute and will glue them with sikaflex i wanted to use 4mm ply but decided against that as it increased the overall weight of the rocket, progress has been slow as other commitments have got in the way will update soon.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Progress report on the V3

 Today saw stage 2 completed on V3 i gave the body of the rocket a more aerodynamic shape and tried to replicate the shape of a real V2, i decided on a side parachute deployment system as i have had many issues with a inline deployment which was the orignal plan for this rocket the parachute was also attached the chute was taken from an older redundant rocket N2. Next stage of the build will be to attach the fins and to vinyl the rocket body.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Hydron 5.5L

 Finally got round to mocking up my newest rocket Hydron its using spliced 1L bottles max volume of the rocket is 5.5L it weighs 570grams dry and with out the bottle sleeves, im going to use a 10mm nozzle as the payload is a quite hefty 100grams i want to try the rocket with and without camera so ive built the whole rocket in sections so it can be changed about easily, im hoping for a 300ft + altitude with this rocket.

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Today i tryed my 1st splices i used 1 litre bottles as this was my 1st attempt i used 2 glues Titebond a american polyurethane adhesive and sikaflex 11 FC as the Titebond glue was very runny i followed a tutorial on aircommand rockets where George used polyfilla as a thickening agent it worked very well made the glue much easier to work with i decided to try 2 splicing techniques a symmetrical splice with 2 glues and a asymmetric splice with 2 glues i will leave these for a week to dry fully then pressure test next weekend.

The start of 2 new projects

Over the past 2 weeks ive started on my next to rockets the 1st is the V3 its a larger version of my last V2 rocket the new version will have an onboard camera larger air and water volume at 7.5L and hopefully it will be vinyl wrapped with either period test colours( black and white) or camo markings will have to hold a vote!!!!! ive decided for vinyl as paint cracks and flakes to much with the rocket expanding and contracting, To help re enforce the the bottles ive used plastic packaging banding and fiberglass parcel tape to help the rocket hold together not that 130 psi launch will stress it that much, heres some pictures of the bottles bolted together i will update on the next stage of the build.