Saturday, 23 October 2010

New rocket new launch site

The BWR crew headed over to our new launch site as our local launch area is populated with livestock!!!! we tested our latest rocket a 8L mist jet 1st launch was better then expected as ive never really made a rocket over 4L apogee was a good height 100ft-150ft enough to test the parachute but failure happened as the chute deployed the force of the chute opening and the weight of the rocket snapped the cord which attaches the rocket to the chute, 2nd launch wasnt as good due to using a water+foam mix didnt seem to work as well as water on its own, the parachute didnt deploy as the timer was set for a higher altitude so another crash landing took place !!! we also launched our V2 rocket had a very good 1st flight we launched at a higher pressure and a higher water foam mix the chute also decided to not make an apperance but was a good retirement flight as the rocket is getting a bit damaged. watch in higher quality here:

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