Friday, 10 December 2010

V3 Explosion!!!!!!

Last weekend saw the first flight of the V3 until the rocket exploded on the launch pad it caused quite a bit of damage to the rocket but nothing that cant be fixed i will trim the destroyed upper bottle and replace it with a new bottle i think i will re enforce the bottles as a added precaution. I found a small hairline crack in the neck of the bottle i guess this was the failure point of the rocket i will post up some pics when the rocket is repaired and hopefully get a good flight.


  1. Hi Dan,

    Sorry to see the V3 explode like that. It must have been pretty loud. At what pressure did it fail?

    - George

  2. Hi George

    the rocket burst at 120psi and the boooom was very loud makes you appreciate the forces the bottles are under i will re enforce all bottles from now on

    Dan B

  3. Hey Dan,

    That must of been very disapointing for you, its a shame it went in such a catastrophe.