Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Hydron 5.5L

 Finally got round to mocking up my newest rocket Hydron its using spliced 1L bottles max volume of the rocket is 5.5L it weighs 570grams dry and with out the bottle sleeves, im going to use a 10mm nozzle as the payload is a quite hefty 100grams i want to try the rocket with and without camera so ive built the whole rocket in sections so it can be changed about easily, im hoping for a 300ft + altitude with this rocket.


  1. Looking good! :) How did you make your tornado couplings?


  2. Very nice looking rocket Dan. That should go well at that weight. What pressure will you be launching it at?

  3. Hey george+doug i made my own tornado couplings they consist of 2 bottle caps 1 lamp repair kit and some ftc glued around the two caps il post them up on my blog so it explains it better, im not sure on what pressure i will launch it at start at 100psi would love it to go up to 130psi we shall see

    Dan B