Sunday, 7 November 2010


Today i tryed my 1st splices i used 1 litre bottles as this was my 1st attempt i used 2 glues Titebond a american polyurethane adhesive and sikaflex 11 FC as the Titebond glue was very runny i followed a tutorial on aircommand rockets where George used polyfilla as a thickening agent it worked very well made the glue much easier to work with i decided to try 2 splicing techniques a symmetrical splice with 2 glues and a asymmetric splice with 2 glues i will leave these for a week to dry fully then pressure test next weekend.

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  1. Very good Dan, you have done the same thing as we are in my group are going to try except we are using 2l bottles and a shrunk 3l as a sleeve :). Keep it up :)