Monday, 1 August 2011

Tomi timer trigger

Ever since i started water rocketry i have always used tomi timers due to there reliability, size, and cost but there has always been a problem how to delay the timer while the rocket is being pressurized then finding a way of triggering the timer when the rocket is launched. I have tried using air flaps but they were never reliable and i have lost many rockets due to it not triggering the timer at launch so i came up with a new way of holding the timer i think these pictures will explain better then words.
Items i used:
1x fiberglass tube (old fishing rod)
1x small square of bottle pet
1x coat hanger or similar wire
small amount of sikaflex glue
electrical tape


  1. Hey Dan,

    I'm a little confused, is the device designed to fall off at launch? or is attached to the launch pad?

    I hope the flights go well for you and im liking the new rocket :)

    Regards Doug

  2. The trigger falls off at launch due to the air flap it also can be tied to the launcher
    Dan B