Monday, 1 August 2011

Hydron 2 rocket

Over the weekend saw the completion of another rocket that i have been wanting to finish for a while its a 4.2L rocket with 2 splice pairs also with this rocket it has a jet foaming tube inspired by aircommand this tube has been epoxyed to the lower bottle it also has a side deployment recovery system this has a tomi timer delay also i have made a trigger for the timer this is the first rocket with the new design more info on my next blog update, the rocket is very light so i will try using a 7mm and 9mm nozzle with a water foam mix.


  1. The rocket fleet is steadily growing Dan! I can see the rockets are just piling up. ;) What material are you using for the fairings? (the white material) What is the little gray thing sticking out of the rocket about 2/3 of the way up, or is just something behind the rocket?

    The tomy timer starting arrangement is pretty cool as well.

    When are you planning on launching the rocket? Good stuff Dan.

  2. Thanks for the comments George im planning for a launch over the next 2 weeks as the weather is being well behaved at the moment the little grey thing is the guide rail button i use a bolt with 3 nuts seems to work well with my guide rail