Sunday, 26 June 2011

Another busy day at the office

Over the last 2 months the BWR team have been collecting as many 2L bottles as we could for our newest project the Delta series of rockets these are boostered rockets we made a mock up of an old rocket but tests were not a success due to the old rocket there was a leak and a bottle failure so we have started work on Delta II i have downsized the diameter of the bottles to 1L to test how smaller bottles behave with boosters.
Work has started on Delta III but at this stage its only splices of 2L bottles i will post up pics when i get a bit more time, for the Delta series of rockets i have had to make a new launcher to accompany the extra bottles (boosters) it is nearly finished just a guide rail and launch string to be attached then tests can be started.

1 comment:

  1. That sounds great Dan. I look forward to your trial flights of the Delta series. It's funny how when you build a new rocket, you need a new launcher and then when you have a new launcher you can build even bigger rockets, and round and round it goes. :) All Good fun.