Sunday, 12 June 2011

New Tornado couplings and nosecones

As the UK today was covered by a blanket of wind and rain it gave us some time in the workshop first up i have been trying to come up with a tornado coupling that does not involve using bits like lamp rods or Tornado Tubes as your limited to 7mm-8mm opening with a lamp rod and the problems of leaks and cracking with Tornado ,so i read up how to heat weld different plastics and found how you can connect bottle caps by melting the top surface of the caps and sticking them together shortly after sticking them dunk them in cold water to cool them. When i get a bit more time i will post up a how to.

The pictures above are just after they have been stuck due to no testing i have no clue if they will withstand a 100psi or 120 psi pressure test so i took 2 of the couplings and sanded the sides and glued 1 with sikaflex with a PET wrap then used Gorilla Glue on the 2nd so once i have tested these i will update if they work.

Next up i wanted to try and find a way of making a lighter, cheaper nosecone so i tried using paper mache over a bottle i use for my nosecones the results were quite good i used a standard paper mache mix water and flour plus PVA for added strengh once they are dry they will be lightly sanded and filled to get a smooth finish then painted, for the inside i will coat the walls with apoxy adhesive to make it super strong when i get them finished i will update with some more pictures.

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