Thursday, 26 May 2011

V3 b update and booster rocket mock up

As the weather across the UK has been very un settled over the last week it gave me time to progress with the V3 b a little more i attached the fins and realised they were a bit on the large size so i trimmed 50mm off the width and now they have a more sleek look also it took 40grams off the overall weight so thats a bonus. After a very tricky V2 and V3 flights i have done a bit of research on the German V2 and its original flight problems and i have found that they had weight problems with fins and also not enough thrust on take off which made the gyro guidance system fail. So i have now made a new nozzle and have bored it out to 12mm this should give it masssive acceleration but a short burn time maybe with foam it could be extended, another idea i have started on are having 4 small fins near the nose after seeing pics of a Hermes A1. The nosecone will be a replica of the last V3 just now with 2 small parachutes and hopefully il find some room for a on board camera.
Also i have started on a mock up of a booster rocket i have re used an older rocket as the sustainer an 8L mist jet motor and used some spare 4L rockets as boosters as nobody yet as made a rocket with just 2 boosters so i thought i would have a go im basing the design on NASA's Delta rocket im trying 2 different launcher ideas ( many thanks for sharing some ideas George) on my next update i will show the launchers and nozzles. For the nose cone and parachute deployment ive made a double side deployment system which can carry 2 parachutes im still using tomi timers for the release mechanism.

A Hermes A1 missile .


  1. Be well coming to my blog. It will be a pleasure compratilhar experiences on the rockets of water. I am still beginning, I hope to perfect me. Thank you.

  2. Cool, I am also making a similar 7.8L rocket with 3L boosters. The boosters will have 9mm nozzles, but the main stage will only have a 7mm nozzle. Check out my page on Facebook, Alien Space Agency. It has the updates there. The difference between the two of us? I planned this kind of rocket 4 years after you!