Sunday, 24 July 2011

Delta 1 update

After a 2 week break from all things rockets and a busy house move this weekend saw some progress on the latest BWR boostered rocket Delta 1 theres still a few small bits to finish but we are hoping for an august launch date.
Things that have changed:
The couplers have gone back to robinson couplers due to unreliable BWR couplers
Bits to finish:
Side deployment door
booster winglets
tomi timer
launcher guide rail
final pressure test for launcher and rocket


  1. Delta 1 is looking awesome Dan. How much does the entire rocket weigh, including the boosters?

  2. hey george at the moment the rocket weighs 1150grams plus 3 parachutes 1200 grams in total the tail seems very heavy i might have to add a little bit of weight to the nose what do you think george whats the average weight of your nosecones? i know you have a lot of electronics i only use tomi timers. my nosecone with 1 chute weighs about 100 grams. your advice would be much appreciated.

  3. Hi Dan, although the tail may seem heavy, your fins also have a lot of surface area, so from a stability point of view you may be okay. The extra electronics we carry usually only adds about 60 grams or so, so it isn't a great deal more. Have you tried working out the CP for this rocket? You really only need to be 1.5-2 calibers behind the Cg. One thing to keep in mind is that when you are flying with foam, you have more weight near the tail of your rocket for longer and hence can cause stability issues.

    I'm just guessing, but due to the length of the rocket and the 100g chute I think the rocket will be good as is.

    I'm looking forward to the flight of this one. :)

  4. many thanks george hopefully this weekend im going to get it ready for a launch so in the next few weeks we should be in the sky