Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cross splice

While i had all the tools out from making Delta 2's splices i experimented with 2 different shape and size bottles and spliced them to create a cross splice i have not measured the capacity yet but im hoping it will be larger then 1.8L this will eventually go on the N1 rocket for tests .


  1. Hey Dan,

    The splices and Delta I are all looking really good keep it up i'll be interested to see how things evolve


  2. Nice work Dan. :) The bottle on the left looks like it would make a really nice tail cone for better aerodynamics. Is it the wall the same thickness as the one on the right?

  3. thanks for the comments boys both bottles are the same thickness the bottle on the right i have found to be very strong especially the siver bottle i will be using the cross splice for the tail on the N rocket