Thursday, 19 May 2011

Another bad day at the office!!!!!!

After a week of bad rocket weather today saw perfect conditions light cloud cover slight breeze and sunshine we set up the new launcher and got on with the first launch the V3 was first up we filled the rocket with1500 mls of water and began filling the rocket to 130 psi the launch was successful left the pad fast and straight it reached around 60 ft then arced over and flew on its side the parachute was deployed but due to the downward speed it ripped the parachute cord and hit the ground hard most of the damage was done to the nosecone parachute bay and crumpled the top of bottle 3, V3 will have to be totally rebuilt!!!.
There wasnt much luck with launch number 2 with the rocket N there was a leak  which occured due to a cracked tornado tube on later inspection i had made the mistake of missing to put a washer on this side of the tornado tube so that was the end of our flight day.

Ideas for next time:
Make sure all tornado tubes have washers and are inspected for cracks before launching.
Make the V3 lighter and try to figure out what causes it to arc over constantly
Invest in some stronger parachute cord for the heavier rockets.
Try the V3 with 3 fins instead of the four to save some weight.
Heres some pics from the day:

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