Monday, 9 May 2011

V3 b developement and new rocket

Over the weekend more progress was made on the V3b the splices were pressure tested and connected together with Tornado tubes i added an extra splice to the rocket this was a 2L bottle so total capacity now is 10.8L i cant decide between a inline parachute deployment system or side deployment. I decided to keep the V2 fin design and kept with 4 fins i made a cardboard template and cut the fins out of corriflute these will be glued on over the next couple of nights.
 Also this weekend saw another rocket completed i had made a series of splices out of 1L bottles these had cured and were tested they are coupled together with Tornado tubes, total capacity of this rocket is 5L there is another 1.7L splice to be added i will use this after a successful flight we will hopefully be flying this rocket at the weekend depending on weather conditions.


  1. Looking great Dan. Your rockets sure are getting a lot bigger! :)

    You may be doing this already but with the bigger rockets you will want to drill out the baffle in the tornado tubes. You want maximum airflow through them.

    Good luck for the weekend launches.

    - George

  2. Hey George
    thanks for the advice i have had them drilled out to 15mm and also made washers to go between bottle neck and the seat on the tornado tube so i dont have to tighten them so much i will update any progress soon
    Dan B