Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Splices Splices and more splices!!!!!!!!

Over the Easter break saw the BWR team making the next lot of spliced bottles ready for new rocket projects 1st we started with a spliced pair of 3L bottles for the V3 mk3 total capacity of the 2 pairs combined is 8.8L,
 Next up was 5 spliced pairs of 1L bottles 20 bottles in total was used!!!!! 2 pairs with a total capacity 1.7L each, medium 1pair capacity1.4L, small 1 pair capacity 900mls these bottles will be used for a updated older rocket called N i decided to use 3 different sizes as a test to see how the rocket will behave i can swap these bottles around in any configuration, Last of all is a new bottle size which is hard to come by in the UK 1.5L so i stocked up on this size for future rockets and spliced 2 pairs each have a capacity of 2.2L.

V3 spliced pair
N splices
sustainer splices

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  1. Hey Dan

    The splices are looking great!! I will be interested to see how you get on with them :)

    Regards Doug